Adobe Inspire Product Design

Adobe ‘Inspire’ is a digital magazine aimed at designers, illustrators, photographers, and film makers. It features Interviews with some of the industries leading professionals, tips and techniques on improving your work flow and is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to discover the full potential of the Adobe Creative suite software package.

The Adobe team were looking for a fully immersive experience that encouraged the user to explore their visually rich content. After establishing a set of design principles that would guide both the UX and visual creative we devised a modular design system that would be able to translate across desktop, tablet and mobile. We used traditional format print magazines as design reference, capturing the same eclectic mix in typography. We generated individual page styles that could be used to emphasize specific types of content and scaled back on the user interface, ensuring the wonderfully rich imagery could shine though. After providing an extensive set of key screens, asset sheets were created to inform the rest of the build and act as a foundation style guide for the adobe team to build upon.