Living Sprouted Grain Identity

Central Milling is the oldest continuously operating company in the state of Utah and has been providing highest quality grains and flour across the whole of North America Since 1867. In preparation for a new product line “Living Sprouted Grain’, Central Milling needed help in establishing a brand identity that would visually differentiate themselves from their competitors. The project began with a trip to the Central Milling HQ based in Petaluma where I set out to document as much photographic research as possible. 

Taking references of everything from typefaces found around warehouse to old grains sacks and vintage signage. I then compiled my research, which included a visual audit of Central Milling’s competitors, and started to identify key themes within the Baking flour and grain sector.

Central Milling were keen to establish a brand identity that felt modern and contemporary but still page homage to the 148 years of equity in their existing brand mark. The proposed solution took reference from the existing Central Milling brand in the form of a illustrative badge that would translate well across many of the intended touch points including a web presence, printed collateral, vehicle livery and packaging. 

The final mark was well received by the client and helped in building credibility to the Living Sprouted grain product and in establishing Central Milling as an authority in manufacturing and distributing sprouted grain through out North America.